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City of Monroe design guidelines now encourage mixed use development


City of Monroe, WALast Tuesday (3/17/09) the Monroe City Council approved a new Downtown sub area plan and Design Guidelines and Updated Development Regulations.  The major change, or at least the one I've been wanting to see is the addition of design guidelines to encourage mixed use development in the downtown area.

Up until now, the design guidelines really only allowed for two concepts: commercial or multifamily.  Commercial zoning allowed for complete lot coverage in the downtown area (build lot-line to lot-line) but multifamily zoning, aimed primarily at apartment complexes, required lots of open space, parking, etc.

The new guidelines now provide for an appropriate compromise. In fact, it encourages the addition of residential units to commercial developments by providing bonuses to floor-to-area ratios when including residential.  Of course, there is a requirement for providing off-street parking, but no "open space' requirements and no minimum lot sizes (beyond what results from other requirements like parking).

I'm looking forward to the long-term affect on these changes to the Monroe downtown area.  I believe that by encouraging mixed-use development there is a greater chance of building a community of urban residents who will help keep the downtown area vibrant and prosperous (ok, "keep" might be incorrect... about "help make" it that way).

(sorry, this one is in Atlanta, not Monroe)

So what are some of the provisions of the new guidelines?

Well, lets start with the basics.  Historic Main area allows for 100% lot coverage and no setbacks to front, sides, or back (sides and back are dependent on fire-rated walls though).

The maximum height is 35' and the floor to area ratio is 1.7:1.

What is floor to area ration (FAR)?  That is the ratio for floor space to the lot size.  So, at 1.7:1, a 10000 sf lot can have 17000 sf of floor space (or basically a 1.7 story building at 100% lot coverage). Make the building footprint smaller, the building gets taller.

Where does mixed use fit in?  Well, first of all, adding a floor of residential to the commercial building (hey! That's the definition of mixed use folks!) and you get a .5 bonus to the FAR... so in the above example, instead of 17000 sf , you could have a 23000 sf building (2.3:1 is the new ratio)

You also get a 20' bonus to your maximum building height... so it goes from max 35' to max 55'.   If your 23000 sf building has a 7000 sf footprint on its 10000 sf lot, it would be over 3 stories tall.

What's the negative? Parking of course.  Add residential you need to have parking. For each 2 bedroom unit, you need 2 parking spaces... about 120sf each. And you'll loose some more lot with driving lanes. But, the loss is more than covered by the FAR bonus.

The city is very excited about these new guidelines. I had a great conversation with the Assistant Planner last week about them... we've been talking about such changes for a couple of years. I'm looking forward to seeing mixed use development go in....  with a little luck and good planning, I might even be part of the development.

If you want more information about the guidelines send me an email or give me a call.

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Comment balloon 4 commentsJason Hershey • March 24 2009 12:59AM


Party Workers Support Sanjeev Naik's Candidature for the elections.


NCP workers deny that Sanjeev Naik's candidature for the bye-elections came as a surprise for them. They claims that they were, In fact, Preparing themselves for the elections next year.
Gopinath Thakur, NCP's district president of Navi Mumbai, opnies that Sanjeev Naik is the right canididate for the party in the forthcoming elections.

"He is an able administrator and experienced as well. Even if he has just eight months to prove himself, he will and that is something everyone will see for themselves," said Thakur.
Anjani Bhoir, mayor of Navi Mumbai, perceives Naik as the best candidate............



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Posted by Naresh over 11 years ago

Sanjeev Naik's Tour in Airoli.


NCP-Congress-RPI candidate Dr. Sanjeev Naik's election campaigning continued in full force in the Airoli assembly constituency. The candidate himself was seen meeting voters at Airoli, Ghansoli, Koperkhairane. The candidate appealed to voters and said that the parliamentary representative from this constituency needs a desperate change so that there is development and progress in the constituency. He further appealed to the voters to exercise their right to vote.

His supporters and party workers too expressed that they would stay..................


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Posted by Naresh over 11 years ago


Factors to Dr.Sanjeev Naik’s Victory.



He went, he saw, he conquered – that’s the story of this young man who has conquered Thane – that is believed to be the Shiv Sena castle. While there are many factors that lead to the victory of NCP’s Dr. Sanjeev Naik in Thane constituency, there is no denying that Dr. Sanjeev Naik has achieved what many believed was unachievable. And credit for this first and foremost goes to Navi Mumbai’s first family – the Naik family’s work of continuously promoting secularism & brotherhood in Navi Mumbai. The work done by the Naik family headed by Ganesh Naik in presenting the secular & vibrant image of Navi Mumbai at all levels is incomparable. The results of these elections are a proof that voters across Thane constituency have acknowledged his work and have great respect & affection for the Naik family…………..




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Posted by Sachin over 11 years ago


Dr. Sanjeev Naik Wins Thane seat with margin of 49,020 votes.



DNA News,

The celebrations begun at 9 am when NCP candidate Sanjeev Naik had a clear lead of 350 votes after the initial five rounds of counting for the Thane Parliamentary constituency held at Wagle Estate in Thane on Saturday. Giving a big blow to Shiv Sena-BJP alliance in its traditional bastion, Naik, the elder son of Maharashtra Minister Ganesh Naik, won by a clear margin of 49,020 votes becoming the first Member of Parliament from Navi Mumbai…………………


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Posted by Sachin over 11 years ago