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The attack of Duvall's Zombie 'Possums (Their not just playing dead!)

Duvall, WA is becoming famous for its Zombie Deer. Well, tonight, we had an attack by a Zombie Opossum at our house. Fortunately our 3 boxers fought off the attack (either that, or they are secretly in cohoots with the evil critters).

So, what happened? I was downstairs in the basement office, doing paperwork (imagine that!)  I knew something was up when Zeus:   was looking up the stairway and pacing around. I decided to check what was up with my little buddy.  That was when I noticed Freya  was doing some SERIOUS drooling.  That was odd, for Freya anyway.  OK, I thought, what's going on?  She was acting a little strange.. pacing around, being apprehensive... then I looked upstairs.  There was the 3rd little four-legged Stooge...Balder

He had a major case of the drools and he was sniffing at something. 

Ok, time to check whatever it is out.  I had a feeling they had eaten something disgusting outside.  So, up the stairs I go into the living room.  And, what do I see on the floor at the foot of the main stairs? 

A 'possum! Oh great, I thought, the dogs have killed a....  but that is as far as that thought went.  Then I realized it was more... it must be a Zombie Opossum, strange cousin to Duvall's zombie deer. You see, I've actually been through this scene before (not in the house fortunately).  Several years ago our dogs (only 1 of which is in the current group... 1 has since passed away and 1 was a foster dog) managed to capture an opossum in the yard of our old house (which happens to be next door). At the time, I thought they had killed the thing.  But, it showed returning signs of life despite being obviously dead. Some folks say it was just playing dead, but I know it must be an evil, immortal, version of its former self.

So, first thing I did, knowing the priority of any good husband was, was yell to my wife... "Honey!  You're not going to believe this!  The dogs brought in a 'possum!". She was up stairs.  Her response... "What?!?  Where?!?  Is it alive?!?" I didn't want to scare her with the news of the undead.  I responded, "Its here in the living room and yes, I think it is alive. Its a 'possum, remember? They play dead!"  YouTube supports that explanation:

(No, this isn't OUR zombie oppossum. Unfortunately, I wasn't really thinking about pictures.)

I spent the next few minutes getting the dogs out of the way.  Zeus and Freya were still downstairs.  I suspect they knew this was JUST NOT RIGHT.  Balder was a bit more stubborn, as usual, but I eventual got him to go downstairs, and I was able to latch them behind the baby gate.

Now, to take care of our unwanted guest.  He was already coming back to life.  There was an evil glint in his eye and he had taken a couple of shallow breaths.  I wasn't thinking too clearly, but I did manage to go into the garage and found a big bucket to put over him, so we didn't end up chasing hime around the living room.  My brave wife came to my rescue, since I was at a loss as to next steps.  She went out to the afformentioned garage and found a clipboard.. which we were able to slip under the bucket, trapping our little 'friend'... who was now starting to move around.... slowly.

A few minutes later, we had the bucket with our little friend outside, and deposited alongside the driveway fence.  You see, despite the unwarranted attack upon our home, we didn't want to make our little Zombie opponent permanently dead... we just wanted him outside with the Zombie Deer, Raccoons, and other undead wildlife that inhabit the neighborhood.

About 15-20 minutes later, he was gone, confirming our suspicion that he was 'playind dead' (or as we who know about the zombie invasion can tell you... he came back to life)

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Comment balloon 5 commentsJason Hershey • January 03 2010 01:37AM


Well Jason, you've certainly started the New Year off with some excitement!

Posted by Maria Morton, Kansas City Real Estate 816-560-3758 (Platinum Realty) almost 11 years ago


What a crack up!  I don't think I would have been as cool in the same situation, but very quick thinking with the bucket.  My dog only ate fish then came in and breathed on me.  That will knock you off the couch!

Posted by Paul Guenther, Empire West Title- Chandler, AZ (Empire West Title Agency) almost 11 years ago

We used to get Zombie Possums around my house in the woods.   I was paying attention to the "dead" guy and his buddy snuck in through the back door I had left open when I went to check on the first ome.  My cat discovered him and it was chore to get him back out the door.   I think they both were secretly laughing at the stupid human trick they pulled off.

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) almost 11 years ago

Jason:  This is so funny!  I can't believe how cool and calm you were.  I have never seen an alive possum in my life yet!  They are always dead on the road. 

Posted by Yuno Marioni, - Your Home, My Goal - almost 11 years ago
I much perfer informative articles like this to that high brow literature.
Posted by Pokey about 9 years ago