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Using PhotoSynth for a Free Virtual Tour for 303 5th Place, Sultan WA

OK.  I've had some fun the last few days playing with Microsoft PhotoSynth.  Its a neat program where you upload a series of related photos and it automatically 'synthesizes' them together.  When I saw it, I thought it might make a neat way to create virtual tours. Best of all, its free!  I've been using Tour Factory to host virtual tours, but like most agents I want to save money and getting rid of that expense would be nice.  I also know a few agents who feel Virtual Tours are a bad idea... that by giving too much info you give prospective buyers (and therefore prospective clients) from contacting you about a property.

Anyway, I think doing this might be an interesting compromise... and at least its different.  I'll send a link to my client and see what they think.

My first experiment was for a listing on Lakeview in Monroe. The pictures came from one of my partners and were not meant for a virtual tour.  It ended up being 13% 'synthy', which means the pictures were not well related.  Despite that, I think it made a great slide-show.

My next experiment was with some pictures of our Boxer, Freya. While not very "synthy", the results were still pretty cute.  Good subject matter always helps. (If you are curious, the pictures are of when we first got her.  She decided she wanted to curl up in the cat's bed... even if she barely fit in it.

My latest experiment went much better. I took a lot of pictures and tried to follow the suggestions from the Photosynth team on their blog and video.

Things went better and I got up to 52% 'synthiness'. I had to experiment a bit. One thing I did was rename files so that related pictures were placed near each other. this seemed to help quite a bit.  I had to do it because I tried to take pictures in an order, but then I came back and took more because there was room on the camera.

Here are the results:

Let me know what you think.

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Using PhotoSynth for a Free Virtual Tour for 303 5th Place, Sultan WA
OK. I've had some fun the last few days playing with Microsoft PhotoSynth Its a neat program where you upload a series of related photos and it automatically 'synthesizes' them together. When I saw it, I thought it might make a neat way to… more
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